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3-pack small 3D micropleat 40 wash head band black mask

3-pack small 3D micropleat 40 wash head band black mask

Small 3D Micropleat IIR Fluid Protect 40 wash Reusable Head Band Mask


This is a smaller version of our micropleat masks that have an improved face fit over a traditional surgical mask design due to the 3D construction.   The addition of the head band enhances the face fit even more so.  It is important to note they are generally warmer than our 3-pleat versions when wearing for extended period as they are more efficient at trapping air.  


Co-designed as part of the NHS reusable masks trials with NHS staff including paramedics, emergency medicine staff and general practitioners.  


Our team of clinical and technical scientists have created our mask range based on feedback from hundreds of trials.


After months of refinement our masks have unparallelled effectiveness, comfort and usability from new through to 40 washes.


Designed, manufactured, tested and independently validated in accordance with the EN 14683:2019 standards for multiple re-use.  These masks exceed that Type IIR fluid protect standard at 0, 20 and 40 washes and have had no fails on an enhanced splash test at 160mmHg pressure of synthetic blood.



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