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The England NHS alone has disposed of 1.4 billion masks since the start of the coronavirus pandemic (to March 2021). It is not possible to recycle disposable masks in a carbon friendly and environmentally sustainable way.  Masks usually end up in landfill, incinerators (thereby producing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases) or as litter, increasing general pollution. In line with the climate emergency the UK government has declared and the commitment to a zero carbon NHS by 2050, we believe we should all be using products which are sustainable.   


Revolution-ZERO masks and other PPE target both zero carbon and zero waste.  We do so by having a fully circular cradle to cradle service offering. Please see for more details of our mission. 

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Revolution-ZERO is the first zero waste, zero carbon targeted PPE solution. Simply put we are all about planet saving PPE.  Going beyond standard reuse models we include repurposing and recycling to protect our world's precious resources.  

As environmentally responsible providers we include the cost of regeneration, repurposing and recycling activities into our sales prices.


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We love to engage with people who share our goals of environmental, economic, behavioural and social sustainability.

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